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Defecation (death-take-a-vacation)

Did you know, A regular colon cleansing can help in weight loss? Many Americans can have up to 40 extra pounds of built up waste which has been trapped in their colons. You should have daily bowel movements after every meal consumed. If you eat 3 times a day, then you should move your bowels 3 times a day. 

Constipation is not uncommon; in fact constipation is very common and can lead to other problems. On a daily basis, many Americans can consume a lot of toxins. This can lead to body odor, menstrual problems, fatigue, back pains, and many more health problems. 

A regular colon cleansing will help keep your colon clear of intestinal parasites that can harm you. The risks to parasitic infections are extreme weight loss, malnutrition, and death. Parasites can live in your intestines for years before having symptoms.

Written by Albert Lewis — January 02, 2013

~ Did you know? ALOE is an amazing plant with a wide ability to aid in the healing process, to protect, to moisturize, and even extend life. It was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes and its relevancy has not diminished today. Aloe's usefulness continues to grow as scientist study its properties and possible applications.


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